Embrace the Amazing Benefits of Happiness

Over half the year has come and gone.  So the key to making the most of the second half is to feel good, energized, and motivated. Yet, hot summer temps and breaks in routine with taking vacations, may contribute to low energy in tackling projects or taking baby steps on a dream path.

I found this article from Dr. Louis Tay, "The Amazing Benefits of Happiness," on Purdue University’s Well-Being Tips blog. Here is his list of the benefits of being happy:

  • It can improve your relationships: People like being around happy people. Happier people give more to others.
  • It can enhance your productivity: You produce more when put in a positive mood.
  • It can promote better health behaviors: Happier people engage in more exercise.
  • It can lead to better immune functioning: Happier people are more resistant to colds and even experience faster-wound healing.
  • And it predicts greater longevity! Yes - happier people live longer. *

The best thing about the list was realizing that happiness, as well as joy, excitement, and fun, have such an incredible impact on our health.

Try This: Feeling Off? Choose Happiness!

With a few tips and tricks, you, too, can elevate your happiness quotient to feel better and get energized! Here are a few easy ones:

  • Count your blessings - list 3-5 people, places, and things that you feel blessed to have in your life.
  • Practice gratitude - write down 5-10 things that you are grateful for today.
  • Do a random act of kindness - help someone in a small, fun way.

Above all, realizing how important happiness is to our health makes it clear that doing small things can immediately help me feel better.  What about you? Have a trick or tip to share about bringing a smile when needed?

* Dr. Louis Tay quote: https://www.purdue.edu/stepstoleaps/explore/well-being-tips/well-being-tips-2021/2021_0308.php#

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