Pick 3 Things to Be

During a busy day, you likely find yourself moving from project to project, ticking off things on your to do list and accomplishing a lot.  I believe if you give a busy person a task, it's likely their 51st thing, so easily added in.  But give a not busy person something to do and it just doubled his or her workload.

Silly to imagine how we operate better when we're busy and often stay more upbeat.  When we’re not busy, it gives us time to think, even dwell on things that can make us feel down.

A trick for those times when you’re feeling a bit "off," a good distraction can pick up your mood!

Try This: Pick 3 Things to Be

Here is a way to distract yourself from dwelling, feeling down or doubtful. Using the number 3, tell yourself you'll be these things today:

Example: Be peaceful, Be open, Be aware

For this week, my three are: I will be patient, I will be insightful, and I will be clever. Just saying that simple line pumps me up and gets my imagination working on how to be those each day!

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