Practice with an Intuition Jumpstart

The other day in an astrology forecast, I read, "The Sun enters emotional Pisces on Sunday, signaling heightened intuition, creativity, and emotional sensitivity."  It got me thinking, do you ever wish you could pump up your intuition and be more aware of its guidance?

"When you fill your soul by listening to and acting on your intuition, you'll find yourself moving toward the fulfillment of your dreams." - Lynn A. Robinson, Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity

The hard thing about intuition is it’s ethereal. Recognizing it from your own gut, heart or mind can be difficult. The best thing is to practice.

Try This: Practice with an Intuition Jumpstart

According to Lynn Robinson, there is a Divine Intelligence that wants you to succeed. The secret intuition jumpstart is as simple as asking a question and listening to the answer.  Here is her exercise to help get in touch with your intuition:

  • What does your ideal day, week or month look like?
  • What are you doing?
  • Is it different from month to month?
  • Who are you with?
  • What brings you joy or makes you feel excited or curious? **

With these questions, the answers often generate emotional reactions.  So, the idea is to check your gut reaction with each answer.  This enables you to practice connecting with your intuition and learn to listen to it.

* Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity,
** Want to create a life you adore? Try this intuitive experiment!

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