See the Angel in the Stone

Often when I ask during a workshop how many of the attendees feel they are creative, only a few hands go up. Most people think of being creative like artists, designers, actors or musicians.

I believe everyone is creative. Here is a quote that inspired me to think about the wonders of embracing being creative:  "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." - Michelangelo*

The ways we use creativity every day may not be as dramatic as Michelangelo's art pieces. Yet, did you know that everyone uses creativity for solving problems, finding new ideas, and to work with other people?  You use creativity all the time, even like driving a new way home!

Try This: See the Angel in the Stone

The thought hit me that we need to look for "the angel in the stone" when trying to solve an issue or deal with a change in our lives. Here are some ideas to use your creativity:

  • Look at the issue or thought from a different angle - how would a friend see this or an old person or a young person?
  • Make a list of different solutions, ideas, and/or people to help
  • Think outside the box – walk outside, take a drive, or play a game

These are easy ways to bolster your creativity, so enjoy the answers, ideas and new fun stuff that come to you.


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