The Wonder of a Child

The wonder of a child imageHaving spent a little time with a grandbaby recently, it hit me how babies and children are able to see the world without fears or biases. Here is a quote I uncovered from author, Rachel Carson, that really struck me, "If I had influence with the good fairy, who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children, I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life…"*

As an adult, it's so easy to let past issues, fears or disappointment make you feel hopeless. If something goes wrong, you begin seeing the world from a negative perspective which can lead you down a rabbit hole that adds more doubt and misery.

Some people will say you need to just "be happy" or think of positive things. When you are down, that can be the hardest switch. Yet, there is a great way to start the shift - by seeing things through eyes of a child!

Try This: See with the Wonder of a Child

In the week ahead, every time something seems disappointing, negative, or wonky, take a moment to look at it with the wonder of a child. Here’s three ways:

  • Look at your life differently - through the eyes of a child as if it were all new and no biases.
  • Slow down - if you're pushing and so busy, stop and take a deep breath to relax. New ideas are likely to pop in.
  • Get outside - move away from your desk or computer. Like a kid, who doesn't enjoy playing in the yard, experiencing nature with all it's beauty?

From an article on Psychology Today by Greg Levoy, "The sense of wonder speaks of our hunger to be moved, to be engaged and impassioned with the world and take pleasure in it, attuned to it, and fascinated by it. Grateful for it."**  And, this week, seek that sense of wonder like being a kid again!

* Rachel Carson, Sense of Wonder,1956


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