Snap to Snap Back

It's a fun time of the year with the holiday lights and Christmas music that brighten your mood. Yet, there is added pressure of holiday events, shopping for the "right" gifts, and family dinners.

My feeling during the holidays is like being Gumby in a skirt - a toy that you could crazily stretch its arms and legs and when released, they would snap back. The key was to find a way of "snapping back" to change my mood.

"Great change is inescapable when you first begin manipulating the world of your thoughts."  Mike Dooley, ©

Try This: Snap to Snap Back

Whatever might have weighed you down this month, if you want a quick fix to bring up your mood or relieve stress, consider the simple snap. During the week when you feel off, here is an idea:

  • Stop - right in your tracks, pause to reflect
  • Snap - using your fingers, snap them several times
  • Smile - as you snap, bring a smile to your lips and feel the lift

One thing that always inspires me about "the snap" is the ability to use a trigger that can change my mood without anyone else knowing. If someone noticed that I "snapped," my explanation is either "oh, I forgot something," or "a song came into my mind."  Fun way to feel more upbeat is as easy as using two fingers!

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