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Last week, my daughter, Amanda, wanted to help me get the Halloween items out to decorate. The unboxing of decorations brings up memories across the years and sometimes those memories can be overwhelming. And now the holiday season has officially started with Thanksgiving and Christmas not far behind!

Adding holidays to a busy schedule, I begin to worry about finding gifts on my holiday list while juggling lots of projects.. Instead of getting excited and enthusiastic, I end up losing my mojo!

Here is a great quote that I found in an article by 1Accounts: "Imagine yourself when you are in the zone. For example, when are you most confident about what you are doing, you're efficient and effective in doing it, and most importantly, you’re happy and full of energy to get it done?" *

Try This: Spark Your Mojo

Often the key is to distract your brain and allow your mind to enjoy happy memories rather than freaking out about all there is to do on top of a busy schedule. Here are some ideas from that same article that help you feel more motivated and excited even when a bit overwhelmed with things to do:

  1. Exercise often - Lack of movement will just make you feel sluggish and depleted.
  2. Be curious - Learn something new or find a new hobby - it might just reset you and give you a new dose of energy.
  3. Practice gratitude - Think of a couple of things that you are thankful for every day.
  4. Get some sun - Open the windows, get outside or take Vitamin D every day.
  5. Help others - Connect with your family more and find ways you can help others.*

While my "go to" is usually an early morning walk, the article, "How to Get Your Mojo Back," had ten more ideas that might give you that spark to get your mojo back.

* "How to Get Your Mojo Back":,focusing%20on%20what%20you%20lack

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