To Feel Joy, Spread Joy

The other day as I walked through the neighborhood, I was listening to a podcast with Dr. Joe Dispenza. He mentioned that your health is about your feelings.  And, in researching more of his insights, here is an affirmation attributed to him that I found in an article by Dawn Elizabeth: “Every time I choose joy, joy is wired into my brain.”*

Then, from a Harvard Health publishing article, I noted, “During difficult times, it becomes twice as important to modify your routine, allowing yourself to experience joy.” **

To jumpstart your joy, one way is to express it to others and often it will bounce right back to you.

Try This: To Feel Joy, Spread Joy

Have you noticed how the giggle of a child can lift your spirit?  Or how about enjoying laughter at a silly joke?  If you need a wave of joy, here are some ideas:

  1. Give someone a hug. (I usually ask first and make sure the other person is up for it.)
  2. Offer a compliment to someone. A genuine comment often brings thanks as well as, comments like, "And to you, too!"
  3. Smile and acknowledge others walking by you.  It might surprise them, yet most often you’ll get a smile in return.

We can all use lots of joy in our lives, especially when it buoys our health by impacting neurotransmitters that stand out in promoting positive feelings, according to the Harvard article.**

* Dr. Joe Dispenza quote:

** Harvard Health publishing article:

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