Stressed? Stargaze!

Most often, city living does not offer an opportunity to see the stars due to all the bright lights. This summer, when I was up in the mountains, it was delightful to be able to see the stars and even the Milky Way at night.

An insightful quote caught my eye from Deborah A Ten Brink, “When life gets too overwhelming, just look up at the night sky and lose yourself for a while.” *

When facing the busy months ahead filled with projects, holidays, and more, the reminder about looking up to the stars really hit home!

Try This: Stressed? Stargaze!

When you feel stressed, consider walking outside at night and looking up! Even if you’re in the city, you can still see the moon, the brightest stars, and sometimes planets. Here is a simple exercise:

  • Step outside after sunset and look up for stars and the rising moon.
  • Toss off your shoes and walk barefoot in grass or exposed dirt to connect with the Earth.
  • Add an app on your phone to identify constellations and planets like Star Map (one that I use).
  • Say a quick prayer or meditate for a few minutes about bringing peace and direction into your life.

It is so good for my soul to stand quietly out in my backyard and gaze up at the twinkling lights in the sky. As a simple exercise, the quiet magnitude of our universe gives me a sense of peacefulness. Plus, standing barefoot, grounded, adds a flow of energy from the earth that aids in energizing me to move forward!

* Deborah A Ten Brink quote:

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