Watch for Angel Taps

With a lot of busy activities and travels recently, I was having trouble focusing and making headway on my projects. When feeling at risk, I often pray for God to send nudges and angel taps to help guide me through my "to do" list.

The key, however, is to notice them! While seemingly random, this graphic in a Writer’s Digest email caught my eye on a day when I was not sure what do to next. The graphic gave me an angel tap because the name, Nan Fischer, was the same as of one of my mom's best friends. It was like having a message from my mom and her friend, both angels, to focus on more balance.

Do you listen to angels? Are you aware of angel taps? In our crazy lives, it is often hard to notice them or make a connection with them. The joy is when you get the "aha!"

Try This: Pay Attention to Loving Angel Taps

It may seem crazy to remind yourself to watch for angel taps. To get you started, here are a few tips for noticing them. Simply pay attention to the message when one of these happens:

  • Hearing a song on the radio or when shopping in a store that gets you humming and you recognize it as a favorite of a family member or friend who has passed.
  • Spotting a familiar name on printed pieces, emails, or online graphics that remind you of loved ones.
  • Having a friend call and say that you were on their mind because they just saw or heard something that reminded them of you. Often there is a memory the friend will relate that connects to one of your angels.
  • Seeing an image or shadow out of the corner of your eye that instantly reminds you of a loved one or friend who’s an angel.

There were two fun angel taps for me.  One when my hubby, Denny, was walking through the house while singing a song that he didn't even know.  It was "Jambalaya" sung by Hank Williams, which was one of my dad's favorite songs.  The second was while on my walk in the early morning and looking at my shadow.  It instantly reminded me of my mom's body.  Both of these were moving moments for me because I felt their angel taps!

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