Stop & Look for Your Sign

Have you heard someone say, "Here's your sign!"  It's usually tongue in cheek about something that seemed connected to a surprise appearance in your life.  You probably laughed.

Yet, "signs" are gut feelings or intuitions that nudge us.  Natalie Ledwell, coach and founder of Mind Movies, said, "Often times, the Universe is speaking to you, but you're so focused on accomplishing your goal, that you tune it out."* The key is to be able to recognize the signs, especially if you're not used to listening to your own intuition.

Try This: Stop & Look for Your Sign

Sometimes when you are making a big decision or things are not working quite right, your intuition will kick in to help. This week, if you need an answer, consider these ideas from Ledwell*:

  • You get a sudden impulse or idea to do something that comes naturally and easily.
  • The action steps make sense, and you don't feel you have to justify them, they just feel right.
  • You feel energized and empowered by the action. It doesn't seem like work, and you actually enjoy the process.
  • You make a lot of progress very quickly and with little effort.
  • You don’t feel the need to have complete control of everything.

With just a little focus on "here’s your sign," you will find it easier to notice intuition and gut feelings. The benefit is truly to help you make better decisions.


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