Take some time away from your phone

Did you know that anxiety is the now the most widespread mental health issue in the world?   Some of the issues related to increasing anxiety come from having our phones always in our hands to check social media, email, and news.

Last month I forgot my phone when taking a business trip across the country. The sinking feeling hit me when I realized the connection with my world had been lost. Fortunately, my stepson went to our house and took it to FedEx.  The choice was overnight for $100 or two-day air at $50.  Having my hubby along with his phone handy gave me a lifeline, so I thought it might be interesting to see if I could go two days without it.  I chose the two-day option!

It was an experiment that helped me realize what the phone has become to me.  First, it’s not just a phone, like having the clock - I no longer wear my Rolex - and I loved that watch!  Second, it has the latest weather at home and on the road.  Third, I can check email, my calendar, and texts from my daughter, hubby and friends.  Finally, I even use it at night for ASMR to help turn off my busy mind!

Try This: Take some time away from your phone!

From an article at Everyday Health, "There’s no magic amount of screen time that is good or bad," George (Madeleine George, PhD, a public health research analyst) says.  "You have to find out what works for you and your family."*  Try a few of these expert-backed strategies:

  1. Break away by setting up time in your calendar or set an alarm to go for a walk or go into another room without your phone.
  2. At night or a designated time, turn off your phone.  Find out how long you can go without turning it back on.
  3. Consider creating no-phone areas like a bedroom or family room to deter yourself from mindlessly scrolling.

The big surprise for me was that not having my phone for two days was easier than I thought.  While I would not want to do that again, I realized the value of focusing on what was around me and engaging with others.

* How to Do a Digital Detox Without Unplugging Completely, https://www.everydayhealth.com/emotional-health/how-to-do-a-digital-detox-without-unplugging-completely/

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