Thanksgiving Gratitude Journey

The Thanksgiving holiday is here and according to Wikipedia, the event that Americans commonly call the "first Thanksgiving" was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in November 1621.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of, "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heaven," and declared it for the last Thursday in November.

The idea was to set aside time to give thanks for our blessings, considering what we are grateful for in our lives. Some Thanksgivings, I remembered to ask everyone to write down a few things they were thankful for to share or just take home as a fun memory.

Even when you’re busy with holiday prep, family coming to town, and decorating, stop and take a minute to remember what is good in your life on Thanksgiving.

Try This: Use the Magic of Thanksgiving for a Gratitude Journey

In the midst of lots of craziness this holiday, consider these ideas to make the most of Thanksgiving longer than a one day celebration, and if hosting, you can:

  • Create gratitude bracelets together as something worn to remember.
  • Write gratitude cards to others who are far away and not just at the holidays.
  • Craft a turkey with colorful tail feathers where you can write thankful notes to bring out next year.
  • Hand out small gratitude journals for everyone to pass around and write notes to each other as a start to a daily practice.

Whether your holiday will be a small intimate group, or a big family get-together, these simple exercises can foster more connection and appreciation for your life. I've already picked out a couple to add to my Thanksgiving!

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