Use Gratitude to Pump You Up

With another Thanksgiving in our rear-view mirrors, it's fun to think back on the "thanks" that are often shared during the holiday. Yet sometimes it is hard to give "thanks" forward.

From author Holly Gerth in a recent blog post,* "Research shows our brains have a negativity bias. We look first for what’s wrong or a threat. This helps us survive."  The key, she says is to not feel guilty if it's hard to give thanks. Rather just use helpful tools.

Try This: Use Gratitude to Pump You Up

One great way that Gerth has on her blog* was fun gratitude prompts. Check out a couple of the ones she offered:

  • Who is one person you’re thankful for today?
  • What is one memory that brings you joy?
  • Where is a place you enjoyed being lately?
  • When was the moment you felt loved recently?

Sometimes it’s enough to ask yourself a few questions and daydream about the answers. No need to write them down or document your answers in some way. Just enjoy the emotion of gratitude that washes over you.

Now, on to more holiday-ing!

* 7 Little Gratitude Prompts for You and Your People, Holly Gerth,

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