There’s power in a vision board

During the holiday season, one special aspect is when family visits and yummy food are documented with pictures. The idea of remembering good times is to capture them visually to trigger wonderful memories.

The best thing about visual cues, like photos, is a tool I use each year is a vision board of my goals and dreams. In some respects, it can be for one year or even a bucket list.

As part of my three workshops in Create a Fab 2022, the next one is about the power of using a vision board. From fun words to great pictures that inspire, my vision board is hanging right outside my office door. It's fun to find a word phrase or see a photo that excites me about the future.

If you want to learn more, today (November 28) I am hosting a 30-minute workshop at 3:00pm Mountain time on how to create it. You'll hear thoughts from my dear friend, Cindy Ketcherside, about her experiences with creating a vision for her future.

Try This: The Power of a Vision Board

For next year, play with finding words, photos, phrases, and other symbols to represent your dreams and goals for the future. Here is how to start:

  • Write a description of what the year ahead will bring including dreams and goals
  • Grab magazines or brochures that you can cut up or print photos from your phone or laptop
  • Lay a posterboard out on a table
  • Find a glue stick, tape and scissors for crafting
  • Start looking for great words, phrases, and pictures that inspire you
  • Have fun cutting, pasting, and organizing them on your posterboard

If you have a buddy to do vision boards together, even better!  And, if you want to join me this afternoon at 3:00p Mountain for my Create a Fab 2022 30-minute workshop, The Power of Using Vision Boards simply reply to this email, and I’ll send you the Zoom link. There is one more workshop - next week on Creating a Legacy – The Fun of Crafting Your Personal Legend on December 5.

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