Choose a Word for the Year

choose a word for the year imageAs the holidays have us distracted and focused on family gatherings, here are a few ideas to make the most of them. More importantly, you can subtly prep for the New Year with being present every day.

To jumpstart my New Year, I have a calendar reminder that pops up to pick my word for the year. Depending on my goals and ideas, I choose a word that motivates me or provides focus to achieve more in the New Year. If you want to jumpstart your New Year prep, join me today (November 21)
for a 30-minute workshop at 3pm Mountain time on the value of having your word for the year and how to select it. You'll hear thoughts from my dear friend, Pat Dearbaugh, about her fun experiences with choosing a word for the year.

Try This: Choose a Word for the Year

If there is one easy thing to do for next year, search for a word that inspires, motivates or encourages you to focus on your dreams. Maybe you just need to overcome a limiting belief, or tackle a new goal, so try this:

  • Make a list of words that are meaningful to you or peak your interest
  • Run through them and listen to your intuition for which one speaks to you
  • Find ways to post the word to make it visible and remind you of its power

Check in each month to see if it encourages you to do more, feel better and achieve your dreams or goals.create a fab 2022 image

If you want to join me this afternoon at 3:00pm Mountain, for my Create a Fab 2022 30-minute workshop, Choosing Your Word for the Year. Reply to this email and I’ll send you the Zoom link. There will be two more workshops - next week on Vision Boards, and for Creating a Legacy on December 5. Let’s have some fun now and through 2022! Can't join on Sunday? Send me an email and I'll forward the links to watch the recordings when they're uploaded.

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