Follow That Hunch

Often people mention wanting to follow their gut feelings or intuition. Yet listening to that little voice or that feeling about something, can be fleeting. The reason is the clutter of our daily lives.

This week, I want you to consider paying attention to your intuition. For example, I got the "feeling" that a call would be coming on Friday for my daughter's NFL boyfriend who was waiting for a spot on a team.  I didn't want to say anything because I could be wrong or be disappointing.  Guess what?  On Friday, he did get the call and went off to the Minnesota Vikings. Believing in our gut feelings or intuition is hard, given that every day the real world is incredibly distracting.  Make the effort to notice when you feel like you're being guided towards a decision.

Try This: Follow that Hunch

This week, try to pay attention to your intuition, those hunches that make you feel more comfortable about a decision or next step. Here are some affirmations to help focus.  Simply say your affirmation out loud once a day:

  • Things have a way of working out when I follow my hunches.
  • My intuition is a great guide when I listen to its quiet message.
  • Every day in every way, my life is getting better and better.
  • When I am quiet, my heart speaks volumes.
  • I encourage God nudges, God winks, and Angel Taps to lead my way.

Find a way to track your intuitions by jotting them down to see what comes true. Encourage those hunches and gut feelings to find the delightfulness of exercising your intuition!

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