Want to Create a Fab 2022?

The holidays are coming!  When the New Year arrives, will you feel prepared or unorganized?

It's always a crazy time, but I have a few tools to share to help get you ready for a Fab 2022!

Want to take advantage of having a great focus on 2022? Join me and my friends who have shared their experiences. It's like talking with your best friends!

In three free workshops, you can start the new year with thoughtful, easy ways to ensure it's amazing! Each 30-minute workshop will be on Zoom for three Sundays at 3:00p (MST):

  1. November 21: Word for the Year: The magic of choosing a word for the year - join in the exercise to choose yours.
  2. November 28: Vision Boards: The power of using vision boards - bring photos, magazine, glue and poster board to get started together.
  3. December 5: Create a Legacy: The fun of crafting your personal legend - download the worksheet and you’ll get in touch with your passion.

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