Time to Listen to Your Intuition

Ever had that feeling that something was going to happen and a day later it did? Maybe you had a dream that was so clear and seemingly real with a message that you easily remembered it?  In our everyday lives, we tend to think of little insights, nudges and feelings as wishful thinking or dismiss them as "ooeeoo."  Yet, there is so much direction and surety that we can gain from them.

For the month, let's focus on improving our attention to intuitive and "gut" feelings.

Try This: Time to Listen to Your Intuition

The fun thing about intuitive messages is recognizing when they come true. The key is to build a habit of doing just that!  This week:

  • Journal when something seems to be a “coincidence” because you were just thinking about it
  • Do a social media post about how great it felt to follow your gut in a decision
  • When a dream is so crystal clear, jot it down in your phone when you wake up to see what happens
  • For a decision, ask "What is my heart feeling or my gut saying?"

It's crazy to think we have an internal guidance system that we allow our egos to dismiss! With that said, I'm in for pumping up those intuition vibes all through October - how about you?

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