Trick Yourself into Happy

Consider this interesting thought: Right now, you can be happy by focusing on what makes you happy!

Wow, simple trick, right? If you think about being happy and those things that bring a smile to your face. Then you start to notice things around you that make you happy, be naturally drawn to happier things.

Here is a great way to look at thinking happy thoughts:

"And what if changing your thoughts, so that you could feel happier more often, would entirely change what you have, what you do, or even where you're headed, yet nobody knew this either? Do you think if we told them they'd choose to think differently every single time they ever felt sad or angry or powerless?" Notes from the Universe, Mike Dooley, 3-3-21 The other thing that comes to mind is the song, “Be Happy."  It seems so often the negative vibes or disappointment or frustration can take over and it spoils your mood. So, this week, let's focus on “happy!”

Try this - Trick Yourself into Happy

One thing that the human brain does is latch onto a thought and trigger an emotion. So, what memory brings a smile to your face?

  • Is there a special place that you can conjure up like sitting on a beach, hiking in the mountains, in a boat on a lake?
  • Do you have a special food that you enjoy and love the smell of it cooking?
  • If you were to touch something that makes you feel good, like an onyx crystal heart, a favorite wood bannister, a special wine glass?
  • Is there someone that you have a great memory of doing, something special like a birthday or girl's night out or family dinner?

The amazing aspect of this trick is the immediate distraction that helps put a bounce in your step, maybe encourages a little happy dance, as you imagine the happy memory! Voila! Happy flows in and you can move forward with energy that attracts success.

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