Use Your Five Senses to Re-engage!


The summer can offer lots of distractions to staying the course with your dreams or goals. From vacations and back to school events, your usual schedule may be upended. It might be hard to regain focus. Want to get jazzed and excited about your dreams or goals to gain momentum through the end of the year?

Try This: Use Five Senses to Re-engage!

Ask for guidance and stay quiet. Let your heart lead the way. Here are a few great ways to tune into intuitive thoughts:

  • Sight - Learn something new by watching YouTube "how to" videos
  • Sound - Listen to different types of music
  • Taste - Try a new food or make a new recipe
  • Touch - Pull out paints, colored pencils, or pencils to color or doodle*
  • Smell - Add scented candles to your work area

Even if you don’t have a current dream or are working toward a goal, there are still times when you could use a shot in the arm, some refocusing to get things done. Re-engage by using your five senses.

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