You Have Permission to Dance, Sing and Play

To start the year, we are still dealing with COVID issues and the craziness it has created without achieving a "new normal." There seems to be a continued cloud of businesses struggling and the news continuing to be alarming.

A bright spot for me has been listening to the Korean pop (K-pop) band, BTS. Their song "Permission to Dance"* has lyrics that say, "we don't need permission to dance." In essence, we can still get out and find ways to achieve our goals and dreams beyond the continuing COVID issues.

This fun pop song* really struck me as being free to have fun, dance more, sing more, laugh more and be silly more!

Try This: You Have Permission to Dance, Sing and Play

When you have a down moment, maybe after listening to the negative news or if you are just not feeling well, you can snap out of a bad mood. Here are ways to refocus:

Put on a BTS song or another fun dance number and move while thinking of three things you want to create for yourself this year.
Listen to fun music, sing along, and then write down three things that you’re grateful for from 2021.
Play a couple rounds of solitaire or another game online, on your phone or with a deck of cards and then jot down three actions you can take in the next week toward making your dreams come true.

The idea is truly to have fun and lift your spirit to get in an upbeat mood that allows for your imagination and creativity to expand. Silly, but when I'm stressed or feeling unmotivated, I hit YouTube for one of the BTS songs and dance along. In fact a young clerk noticed me dancing in the aisles at an Ulta store the other day when they played a BTS song. She laughed and said she was into K-pop, too.

*BTS (Korean K-pop Band), Permission to Dance video,

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