Change Your State – Stand & Cheer

With a year stretching out ahead of us, the idea of new projects or making big changes can be exciting or daunting.  To be successful, it really boils down to the state of your mind and body.

"The number one key to success in life is to master your own state. If you can manage and master your states, there's nothing you can't do." Tony Robbins*

Feeling stuck with one of my goals, I realized fear was holding me back. And, according to Tony, "Yet also like anything else in life, the number one thing that affects your state of mind is your focus."** So, if you're focused on the fear of not achieving, best thing to do is to start using words and actions to shift into a better state. It is as simple as making a positive move to refocus on enthusiasm.

Try This: Change Your State - Stand & Cheer

Ever notice how cheering for your favorite team gets you smiling, laughing, and pumping your fists? Well, that's the same idea for changing your state of mind. Here are some tips:

  • Stand and pose like a hero - get up on your feet, hands on hips, and chin up
  • Smile for a while - stand in front of a mirror and pull those lips back to show some happy teeth
  • Do a pump-up ritual - pick three or four words that inspire you and add hand motions for each

Now, you may feel ridiculous posing, smiling wickedly, or doing hand motions to words. Yet, the power is in how these actions can help you move forward. You should see the hand moves to my morning ritual of "courage, determination, love and enthusiasm!"

*Tony Robbins quote:

**Tony Robbins quote #2:

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