Cheer Someone on Today

Disappointment is not where you want to dwell. It's just an emotion letting you know that you need to refocus on what it is you do want. There may be a shift to make in your path to your dream or goal.

For me, disappointment can be from someone else telling me that I'm not doing something the right way. Or, I hear that I don't know what I'm doing.

As you can imagine, words like these can make a person want to throw in the towel. What helps when we're disappointed or discouraged? We need encouragement, like the crowd along a race route cheering on the runners.  Like an "atta girl" or "atta boy" that comes from a friend or coworker.

Try this - Cheer Someone on Today

If you have had a block or a problem that slowed you down from finishing a project, reaching a goal, or making a difference, what helped you? Having someone cheering you on can make all the difference. This week, you can cheer someone else on with:

  • A text
  • An email
  • A video
  • A quick phone call
  • A handwritten note or card
  • A pat on the back, literally

Another idea is to cheer yourself on this week. Put a fun sticky note message on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, computer monitor, and even the dash of your car!

2 thoughts on “Cheer Someone on Today”

  1. Hey Nicki,
    I want to share with you this event….
    Minutes before Saturday’s Bridal Shower an adorable but feeble 88 year old Marge fell flat on her face as she walked up the walkway into Sydneys home! So scary, we called 911, helped her get comfortable with ice, cold towel, and an umbrella to keep the sun off her before the paramedics & ambulance came to treat her. We were all in empathic shock that this lovely senior wanted so bad to attend & apologized after she came about.
    I felt grateful that i didn’t lose it like several did around me, then my “mom” mode kicked in!

    As we tried to make her more comfortable, I gently rubbed her upper shoulder in back as paramedics took her vitals, and I intentionally whispered to Marge & reminded her that she would come out of this & will be great & to hang in there. “You are doing great Marge, just some minor bumbs” & I continued to softly touch her upper shoulders. Marge was taken by ambulance to hospital & is expected to recover from her lacerations thank goodness!

    Then the Brides mom (my friend) was overwhelmed with emotion & began to cry. I grabbed her took her to the bathroom & made her take several deep breaths to reFOCUS on the Joy of her daughters bridal shower day! Reminding her to honor Marge by enjoying the Joy of the day and that is what she would want. After the Shower my friend says to me; “I can’t thank you enough for the earlier pep talk and the Positive words really worked!

    I share this because…I read positive quotes, prayers, and readings from various sources everyday, and I truly think your written words came to me & helped me take charge that morning.

    No one escapes loss, hazards, hiccups, pain & injuries in the life and I believe we are all here on this earth to support & love one another.

    Nicki your weekly words do make a great impact & are great reminders in this chaotic time.

    Thank you for sharing your talents.
    FYI…I am not into mysteries but everything else you write about is so awesome!

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