Pivot to Positive

Hit me like a ton of bricks - the disappointment and discouragement from an agent's rejection had dampened my enthusiasm for writing. Then, I read how negative emotions can be helpful as signposts that you need a reset.

While understandable, the emotions were a sign that I had stopped believing in achieving my writing dream.

A negative emotion usually is tied to doubt, disappointment, discouragement or being angry at someone. It can also be a limiting belief that continues to block you in the pursuit of your dream or goal. At the risk of seeming Pollyanna, I do try to mitigate negative feelings. I believe in the power of shifting from a negative emotion to a positive one to get back on track.

Try this - Pivot to Positive

If you have slipped away from believing in your dream or have lost confidence in pursuing a goal, simply choose to pivot. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Start you day with a positive thought. The minute your eyes open, pivot to what makes you smile.
  • Take a break mid-morning to check if you are feeling positive or negative. If negative, pivot to a fun thought.
  • Lunch is a great time to check your mood. If you need to pivot, think positive while you munch.
  • Take another break mid-afternoon to allow a mood check and pivot to the positive.
  • Dinner is a great pause in your day to relax and focus on the good, positive things that occurred.
  • End your day with a positive thought especially if going over a To Do list for the next day. Pivot to how you'll have a great night of rest.

So, when a signpost shows up, you have a choice - continue feeling blue or banish the negativity by changing direction.

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