Don’t be limited – be limitless!

Every day there is an opportunity for something to happen that causes us to say negative things. These comments can become limiting beliefs that really impact our success in achieving dreams and goals.

Does this sound familiar? "I'm not good enough." "I'm too old." "I'm not talented or creative." A myriad of things can come to mind that if you buy into them can become an excuse for not moving forward or being afraid to try. The best thing is to thwart those negative things before you start to believe them and stop progress toward your dream or goal.

Try this: Don't be limited - be limitless!

If you want to continue on your path to a dream or goal, then fill your day with joy, happiness, and adventure by doing one thing: Just do not buy into your limiting belief!  Here are some statements to counter the negativity and fuel your passion, remind yourself:

  • I am the right person to do this new adventure.
  • I am the at the perfect age to achieve my dream.
  • I am talented and creative in my own special way to help others and succeed.
  • I am healthy and feeling great.
  • I am happy and ready to see what’s next
  • I am wealthy and have plenty of money and opportunities to be successful.

Believing you are limitless allows you to attract more opportunities. Then watch all of the constructive and fun things that come rolling in and embrace them to move your life forward.

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