Choose Something NEW!

When traveling to visit family in Colorado this Memorial Day weekend, one night we went to a brewery beer garden to enjoy the beautiful weather. The only drinks they served were beer or water.  I had never had a beer, I thought it smelled nasty!  Even in college, my girlfriend and sorority sister, Darcy, and I discovered cranberry with vodka to drink before going to the frat parties.

I told the bartender that I never drank a beer.  He said that his girlfriend didn’t drink beer either.  He then said she did love one of their craft beers, Tangerine Cream.  He offered me a sample, I went for it and it tasted awesome!

The idea of trying something new continued with my sister-in-law, Dottie.  I mentioned I sometimes had trouble sleeping so she offered me a "special" gummie bear.  I never thought I'd try that either, but it did help me fall asleep!

Two firsts that I am pleasantly surprised busted me out of old thought processes.

Try this - Do Something New

During the week ahead, challenge yourself. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Listen to a different type of music or playlist
  • Drive a different way home from work or shopping
  • Dine at a new restaurant or pick a new entrée
  • Taste a new food or drink
  • Reverse the route you usually take for your walk or bike ride
  • Shaking it up a bit makes for a fun adventure with family and friends.

Let me know what new thing you chose to do this week.

P.S. On this Memorial Day weekend, please remember those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

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