What a Coincidence! Or is it?

Have you ever wished upon a star? Maybe said a quick prayer? The idea of sending a wish, prayer, dream or question out to the universe often comes with the hope that an answer is forthcoming.

The key is to watch for an answer. It does not come from a booming voice out of the sky or a big sign appearing in your yard. Right?

Instead, an answer can be a phone call from a friend, a new opportunity that seemed crazy when it appeared, or any time you say, “what a coincidence!” Consider it, not crazy or a coincidence, but a Godwink!

According to author SQire Rushnell*, the definition of Godwink is, “A coincidence that isn’t coincidence, but is thought to be of divine origin.” He coined the term after he was inspired to write, "When God Winks, How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life." Slow down a bit this week and note when you call something a coincidence.

Try this - What a Coincidence

Sending out a wish, a prayer, a dream or a question demands an answer. With busy schedules and our minds going in many directions, we often miss those answers. So, during the week ahead, here is a simple request:

  • Write down in a journal or in your computer a wish, prayer, dream, or question that's on your mind
  • During the week, if you say the word “coincidence” write down in your journal what you related it to.
  • If you say, “I was just thinking of you:” or “I wondered when that would happen,” or another response to something that seems “out of the blue” - write it down.
  • Ask yourself what the "coincidence" was aligning with in your mind?
  • Connect the dots in your journal and mark the Godwinks.

When you are more aware of some Godwinks, see if you feel more peaceful, connected, and centered. As Rushnell says, “Godwinks are truly ‘Signs of Hope.”*

*  GODWINKS HISTORY by SQuire Rushnell, “The Godwink Guy” https://godwinks.com/pages/the-godwinks-story.

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