God nudges?

On your life's journey, have you ever had a dream or goal and an obstacle appeared that caused you to be tossed from your path?

As busy humans, we all are subject to focusing on the here and now, the physical clues that we can follow. But when something seemingly bumps us off our path, it can be disappointing or disheartening. Guess what? Often a shift or obstacle can be a God nudge!

The new direction forced by the nudge may be even better.   Last week, I mentioned the God winks that are disguised as coincidences.  Well, bumps or obstacles can be disguised as God nudges. He really wants to get you back on track!

Try this - Being Nudged

During the week, watch for those times when you were disappointed that an obstacle has stopped you in your tracks. Or, that you feel your dream or goal has just been usurped. Here are some ways to help you see that God is nudging you to try something new or different to be more successful. Ask yourself:

  • How did this happen?
  • Why did this occur now?
  • What is this setback telling me?
  • Who can help me dissect this obstacle for the benefit?
  • Where can I shift my attention away from this?

When you get hit with something that throws you for a loop, make sure to share it with a friend.  Discuss it as a God nudge to get you moving in a better, positive direction!

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