Watch for Angel Taps

In honor of Father's Day, my story today starts years ago. My husband, Denny, and I had to move my mom into a Memory Care center and dismantle her home of over 50 years. After saving the priceless memories I wanted to keep, we had an estate sale and finally a garage sale.  Back then, she would sometimes get agitated as if she could psychically pick up things that I was doing.  So, I asked my dad to distract her during the day of the garage sale.

This day, after finishing the garage sale at her house, Den and I visited her at the memory care facility.  When we walked in, she looked up and said, "oh, you just missed Stan!"

The best part was that my dad, Stan, was an angel, literally. He had passed years before my mom’s Alzheimer’s developed into her needing full care. Mom had not said my dad's name in years because she confused her dad when I talked about my dad.  What an amazing angel tap - Dad had answered my plea!

Try this - Watch for Angel Taps

An angel tap can take on many forms. The key is that they are memorable and stay with you because of the sheer joy each brings. Here are some ideas:

  • To connect with an angel, ask for a sign and note things like a song on the radio, or someone is humming one. If your immediate thought was of a loved one who has passed, there's your angel tap.
  • When something is lost or misplaced, ask your angels to help you find it. Within minutes, "poof" you are drawn to it. An angel tap.
  • If a friend or family member is on your prayer list, ask you angels to help comfort them. Then, stay aware that the person may make a reference to feeling better. An angel tap.

When Mom said that we had just missed Dad, I looked up and thanked him! Can you imagine the joy I felt, knowing he had helped me out with an angel tap?

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  1. Of course Uncle Stan would be there!! I am sure they had a beautiful day together!! Love this Nicki! xoxo

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