Dismiss A Scary Moment – Breathe Deep

It's almost Halloween and today I was thinking back on how fun trick-or-treating was when I was a kid.

Then, there were the many years of taking my daughter and her friends around the neighborhood. The frightened squeals and lots of laughter were topped only by receiving yummy candy. The memories of costumed ghosts, monsters, witches, and vampires brought these song lyrics to mind from long ago: "Breathe deep the gathering gloom, see lights fade from every room," from Late Lament by The Moody Blues.*

An unusual holiday that often delights kids, teens, and many adults, Halloween can bring some apprehension by the scary masks, haunting noises, and dark streets. It also reminds me of those times when something in our lives spooks us, causing us to shut down on a project or dream.

Try This: Dismiss A Scary Moment - Breathe Deep

Guess my idea at this spooky time, especially when something negative happens, is to trust in my ability to regroup. Here's an idea for this week:

  • Breathe deeply to center yourself.
  • Look to your intuition and listen for answers.
  • Write down ideas and emotions that pop into your mind.

This is a quick way to recover from a spooky or negative happenstance, and it means everything to bounce back to move forward. Enjoy your Halloween and remember to breathe deep in the gathering Halloween gloom!

*The Moody Blues lyrics, Late Lament, https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/moodyblues/latelament.html

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