Focus on the fun stuff

Is your holiday weekend peppered with barbeques, fireworks, and friends? Consider how important having fun is, for your emotional health!

When you focus on fun, you bring up the emotions that align with your dreams, your wishes and what you really want to have happen. For example, here are some ideas that went through my mind:

  • the fun of meeting new people
  • the fun of having people enjoy my messages and stories
  • the fun of being able to have a book legacy of self-help, mysteries and children's books that entertain, inspire and motivate
  • the fun of having success from all of that work
  • the fun of making a difference by volunteering

My dream for what’s "NEXT" is simply to have fun writing with the bonus of having friends who celebrate, encourage, and support me.

Try this - Focus on Fun

For the week, start writing a list of those things that bring you joy or excitement. Start with, "I enjoy...":

  • the fun of doing...
  • the fun of having...
  • the fun of making...
  • the fun of being...
  • the fun of...

It's the ability to have a distraction away from disappointment, doubt, or malaise. So, what fun can you find today?

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