Get Happy with a Focus Wheel

Last week, we focused on fun stuff for for you to celebrate. Hope you found things that made you feel perky and uplifted. Using your focus muscle is the key. You end up with good feelings surrounding what you would like to have happen.

Consider how focus can help when:

  • You are in transition to something new
  • You are coping with a change
  • You have something bothering you

There is a great technique to set your focus on the positives to move forward or make changes. It's a form of a mind map.  Some call it a focus wheel. The idea is to put down all those things that align with your dream or desired result.

Try this - Get Happy with a Focus Wheel

Consider a new tool to feel good, dispel negativity and bring positive change into focus. Here’s how:

  • Draw a circle in the middle of a piece of paper.
  • Write a statement of the desired result of your dream or situation in this circle.
  • Now add 5 to 10 smaller circles around it.
  • Fill each of the smaller ones with a statement that aligns with happy feelings related to the desired result.
  • Post your focus wheel where you'll see it every day.

The idea is simple - focusing on the good, positive things about your desired results allows for you to be more motivated, more inspired, and more aware when movement occurs.

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