Focus on Your Dream with a Vision Board

Talking with a girlfriend this week, we were commiserating about how fast the year is zooming by. Seems we blink and another month has passed. Looking at the last half of the year, my daughter and I just talked about making vision boards to get us focused and inspired.

Which got me me wondering about what I have achieved toward my dream and goals so far this year.

Try This: Focus on Your Dream with a Vision Board

This is an exercise that's like being a kid again but with more worldly insights. Here are ideas inspired by Colette Baron-Reid* about creating one that works for you using your dream or goals for this year:

  • Pull out paper, posterboard or a sketchbook - this will give you the foundation.
  • Grab markers, colored pencils, and glue - this is where the kid in you comes out!
  • Rummage through magazines or online to find pictures or words that call to you - especially ones that speak to your heart or intuition.
  • Arrange your clipped pictures and words into areas on the board of Intention, Inspiration, Vision, and Action - build visuals of your dreams or goals.
  • Finally, use your craft skills to create excitement with colorful graphics and written words - all to help your focus.

A fun idea is to get a group together to create these fun collages. Grab glue sticks, markers, magazines, photos.

*Colette Baron-Reid, Creating a New Vision for the New Year - Colette Baron-Reid | Oracle Cards | Founder of Oracle School (

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