Give a Kindness Wave

Have you watched a parade go by and there are people in cars waving to the crowd? I particularly like the "princess" wave by young women who are homecoming queens or even the British royalty.

A wave is a friendly act to let others know you acknowledge them, and they often wave back. What if you added a little kindness to your wave?

Try This: Give a Kindness Wave

All of us can use acknowledgement and kindness from others. Whether friend, family member or stranger, the simple act of waving, holding up your hand, giving it a wiggle, and smiling can be magical. It creates an opportunity to pass along kindness. Do this, in just a few seconds:

  • Hold up your hand
  • Take a quick breath and hold it
  • Imagine magical bubbles of kindness on your fingers
  • Give your hand a wiggle to release the bubbles
  • Smile and let go of your breath

Fun, right?  You have a bubble machine at your fingertips that infuses any wave with kindness!

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