Let the magic of the moon fund your dreams

Did you know that a Full Moon is happening tonight?  It is known as the "Worm Moon" as a time when the spring sun is warming the earth and worms are coming out.  Many people and cultures through time have celebrated the Full Moon claiming it intensifies our feelings.

For me, it is magical to watch the Full Moon rise.  Even as a child, I was fascinated with the beauty of seeing it spread moonlight across the dark night.  It has always given me a sense that there is so much more out there, beyond our ability to comprehend.

An article mentioned, "Observing the natural cycles of the universe and routinely setting personal goals and intentions has a way of keeping us grounded and connected to our lives." *  It is interesting that many cultures use little rituals during the Full Moon to focus on achieving dreams.  One idea in the article outlined a super tool to help manifest dreams and help focus your thoughts.

Try this - Circle of Focus

Part of the magic of the Full Moon is to shine the light on your dreams to help make them come true. If you want to manifest something, here's a fun tool:

  • Grab a blank sheet of paper and some colorful pens.
  • Draw a big circle (the full moon) In the center of your page.
  • In the center, write the goals and dream you have in different colors.
  • Move to the outside of the circle to write the things you want to let go.  These can be people, emotions, limiting beliefs, or more that block you.
  • Speak the items in the center of your circle out loud, affirming them.

Whether you believe in the magic of a Full Moon, simply enjoy bringing your dreams to life!

* "How to host a Full Moon gathering" article by Jenna Wolf in tennessean.com: https://www.tennessean.com/story/life/entertainment/12th/2016/08/17/how-host-full-moon-gathering/88873354/

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