Plant the Seed…watch your dreams grow

Walking through my neighborhood in the morning is a feast for the eyes of amazing blooming flowers and the blossoming citrus trees. Yet, these did not just appear overnight.

A seed was planted. It needed moisture and minerals from the soil around it, which started a seedling that burst through the soil to create a plant.  That plant then developed leaves to gather more nutrients to enable the buds to form.  One day the bud begins to open and VOILA! - beautiful flowers from that one seed.

The same process holds true for a dream or goal. Each must have time to grow. Like planting a seed, each dream needs time to grow and the nutrition to feed it.  In the case of desired dreams, Wayne Dyer wrote a book entitled, "You'll See It When You Believe It."

If you complain because it's not happening right away or not coming fast enough, you place a negative thought against positive ones.  In essence, you compromise the nutrition for the growth of your dream.

Try this - Plant the Seed of Your Dream

The idea of planting the seed of something you desire or really would like to have come into your life is easy. It's manageable.  If you have something, try to do this for a week:

  • Get an empty pot or bowl.
  • Write down your dream or goal as a note to self.
  • Plant this note in the bottom of the pot or bowl.
  • Each day toss in another note of a fun thing about having the dream/goal come true.
  • Check in on the seventh day to see how your dream is doing.
  • Vow to continue to add new upbeat, fun things into the pot until it's full.

The beauty of this exercise is to keep you focused on the positives of achieving your dream/goal. All too often those doubts creep in and mess up the growth pattern of your dream. Use those notes as reminders that every day your dream/goal is getting closer to success.

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