Play with Your Dreams

Is it fair to say that there is a joyfulness in activities like reading, singing, dancing, playing sports, painting, crafting and other creative ventures?

It's hard for me to feel it is okay to do creative activities that are not purposeful or that do not make money.  When I was a little girl, my mom would yell at me to stop reading my books. To her, it was a waste of time because it was more important to do work or chores than to read a fun story.  Still today, as a big girl, I often feel guilty about doing creative activities.

The kicker is that to pursue a dream or goal, you need to be creative and to use your imagination.  Dreams mean making changes to start new things, take new steps, and align with new adventures.  And that needs energy, determination and focus.

Try This: Play with Your Dreams

What can be more rewarding, relaxing, and rejuvenating than time to dance, sing, paint, or another activity that allows you to enjoy yourself? That’s where we allow our brain to shut down the criticisms and naysaying. Instead, playing helps our dreams develop! Try this during the week ahead:

  • Write a short note about a dream or goal that you want to achieve by this summer
  • Set a time each day this week for playtime
  • Put on fun music to dance, sing, draw, read, paint, or craft
  • Let your imagination run free and see what ideas pop into your head

Isn't it great to just have fun, to let our minds wander and play?  Be like a kid and be carefree for even a short time every day this week.  Then, notice if you have more energy, determination and focus when using permission to play.

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  1. Wonderful and inspiring newsletter. I like that you keep it short and to the point. Good blog.

    Is your brand: The Nicolette Collection from the heart.

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