Renew Your Faith in YOU

This message on Easter Sunday reaches out with different meanings for each of you. For those heading to church to celebrate Christ rising from the dead, you look to renew your faith in God. For those enjoying a fun get together, maybe with an Easter egg hunt, you look to renew family relationships and friendships. And for others, a beautiful spring day offers the opportunity to simply renew your spirit with the sun on your face and blooming plants, trees, and flowers surrounding you.

Consider this Bible verse from Psalms 51:10, "Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me."*

What is important to me on this special Sunday, is the focus on renewal.  It's a chance to jumpstart my belief, refocus on my purpose, and engage with a dream or life goal.

Try This: Renew Your Faith in YOU

From the early 1900s, author Wallace D. Wattles said, "The exercise of gratitude will never fail to strengthen your faith and renew your purpose."**

So, during the week, each day do this easy exercise:

  1. Write 3 things you are thankful for
  2. Name 3 people that you are grateful for
  3. Jot down 3 items in your home or office that inspire you
  4. Note 3 compliments you can make to yourself

Simply start your day with this exercise for one week to see how it changes your spirit. While you can do these mentally before popping out of bed or first thing when you sit at your desk, it has the power to make you smile. What's better than focusing on gratitude to make you happy, restore your spirit, and jumpstart your faith in what you can accomplish?!

* Bible quote from Psalms:

** Wallace D. Wattles quote:

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